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Series 08 - Servolution What an AWESOME day yesterday!!!

We kicked off our "Servolution" series.  We're taking 4 weeks to unpack the revolutionary thought that Jesus introduced to the world in Matthew 20:25-28…that the way to greatness is by putting ourselves at the bottom…as a servant of God & others.

What made the day "great"?  I REALLY sensed God's presence with us.

What did we talk about?  How God "sparks" the "Revolution of Service" in us (from Luke 7:36-50).

Here are a few "bonus" thots…

  • Rockin' Out — I thought our band did a GREAT job with the Beatles song "Revolution."  Ben went guitar-free and wailed (that's a good thing).  I don't think some people knew what to do about it.  Seemed like they were thinking, "Is it OK to do/enjoy this in church?"  🙂
  • 3 Jewish Sects — Here were the Jewish denominations Jesus encountered:
    • Pharisees — Your law-oriented, moralistic (legalistic), religious types.  They believed the Bible PLUS their own religious laws.
    • Sadducees — Your Deists of the day, believing in God but rejecting the spirit realm, the resurrection, & the Pharisees extra-laws.
    • Essenes — Your strange, communal-living, end-times-oriented, survivalist types.  They're not mentioned directly in the Bible.  Too busy disengaging.
  • The Triclinium — For more info on the ancient dining room arrangement that Jesus experienced, check out this link & this link.
  • Our G3 Prayers
    — For the next 2 months…

    • Every person SERVE in ministry
    • Every person INVITE someone on the journey with them
    • Every person be TRANSFORMED
  • Volunteer Today!
    — If you didn't have the chance to register yesterday to try out a weekend ministry, check out this link (& get involved!)
  • The 4-Week Challenge — I challenged everyone to experiment with continually choosing to serve others for the next 4 weeks (& check their heart's gain or loss).  I'll post the full clip tomorrow.
  • The Correct Spelling — Someone sent me a note today saying here's how you transcribe it: "Aaaarrgggghhhhh."  (Those who heard the message will get it.)  🙂

Next weekend, we move from "The Spark of a Servolution" (i.e. how it starts) to "The Fire" (i.e. how it spreads).