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Series 09 - Love & Sex Sunday, we continued of our February "Love & Sex" series.  The topic?  "How to Survive a Sexually Dysfunctional Society."

We kicked off the day with a quick review of last week's topic, "God Loves Sex."  Then we looked at Song of Solomon 2-4 to see the relationship God hopes each of us develops with him & (if we're married) with our spouses.  Finally we walked thru 1 Corinthians 5-7 and saw the 4 dysfunctional views of sex that Corinth faced (& we face today).

Here are some thoughts about Sunday:

  • Lots o'Talk – Seems like lots of people have something to say about the subject.  Here's some of what people sent me this week:
    • "These truths have
      been pivotal in finding some excellent talking points in our marriage.  God is
        We are thankful to see God's view of us and our sex life."
    • "I’m
      sure it was frustrating to some of the boys I considered to date…how amazing to finally meet [my husband] and see
      that all I had been praying for really did exist in one guy!!
      And, now on to my…boys as they grow into that same man their dad is!!"
    • "We wish we could have been aware of this…years ago, when we stared raising our…daughters."
    • “The series is great
      and so much needed. I have lots of reasons to fall on my knees and weep before
  • Facebook Advice — The following is from my Facebook page last week:
    • My Status — "Tim is meeting with God about 'Surviving a Sexually Dysfunctional
      Society.' "
    • A Response — "2 keys to survive: Turn off your television…Turn off your
    • My Response — "You are so
      right. I don't think many people fathom how much those influences leach
      away at the energy & focus God planned for you to reserve for your
      spouse only (or for the spouse God plans for you to meet someday, if
      you're single).  It's like this 'high-intensity, spiritual & sexual
      erosion.' "
  • Cutting Room Floor
    — There are a host of other passages you can dive into for further
    study on the topic.  All GREAT stuff that hit my cutting room floor:

  • White Board Trend
    — I kept the white board again this week.  I'm liking it, going "old school," charting out our topic.

Next week's topic?  "From Fizzle to Sizzle."  Keep praying (and get ready for our "7-day challenge.")