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Series 10 - Lie$

Yesterday, we closed out our personal finance series called "Lie$".  Since I didn't have the chance to blog about it last week, we'll touch based on both weeks:

  • WWJB (What Would Jesus Buy) — From Luke
    where Jesus says definitively that our earthly financial management matters to God
  • What You Can't Afford Not to Do — From 2 Corinthians 8-9 where Paul addresses giving from the perspective of the grace of the New Testament

Where should we start?

  • God's Money Manager — As we said 2 weeks ago, we don't own a thing.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zippo.  We're all just "stewards"…people that God entrusted with HIS resources.  This does two huge things for us:  (1) It gives us a clue on how we start to manage it…by accomplishing the goals of the owner.  (2) It's always easier to be generous with someone else's money.  🙂
  • 10-10-80-Maybe — This bears repeating.  Jesus would give us some version of this money management plan.  (10) Put the first 10% to giving to God through your local church.  (10) Set aside the next 10% to save for the future.  (80) Pay for life-needs like food and clothing…or food and clothing…or food and clothing.  (Maybe) If you have money left over, enjoy it.  (P.S.) Stop the madness of getting into slavery debt to credit card companies.  Instead, be absolutely RUTHLESS about cutting every unnecessary cost.
  • Bonus Verses (Said) — Here were the verses I threw out to everyone verbally 2 weeks ago.
    • Matthew 25:14-15 — Diversification of investments is a wise financial strategy
    • 1 Timothy 6:8 — Technically, our "needs" are (1) food & (2) clothing…that's it
  • People - Ryan in Money GlassesSweet Specs — Those sweet specs, I wore two Sundays ago were from Ryan.  I think he got them at a dollar store.  That's not the first we've heard about him though.  A while ago His parents shared his amazing story of God healing him from leukemia as a little boy.  His story was listed here & here.
  • Book - Wealth Conundrum Bonus Book — The book I referenced yesterday was The Wealth Conundrum by Ralph Doudera.

I might as well include another answer we gave yesterday to the question, "What role does tithing (giving 10%) play in the New Testament?"

  • Was Commanded — Under Mosaic Law in the Old Testament, you CAN find tithing commanded (Deuteronomy 14:22)
  • No Longer Commanded — Under the grace of the New Testament, you CANNOT find any "Thou shalt tithe."
  • Give a Percentage — Under the grace of the New Testament, you CAN find us called to give based on percentage (2 Corinthians 8:12-15)
  • In the Beginning — In the Old Testament, long before there was any law about tithing, followers of God were practicing tithing as a form of worship (Genesis 14:20)
  • Freed…to be LESS Generous??? — I don't ANYONE thinks for a moment, that God would offer us a better covenant, based on better promises, freeing us from the curse of the Law, offering us a life of grace, by allowing His own Son to murdered…all so that WE…the people of God…the beneficiaries of His grace…would become LESS generous!!!  That somehow God's hope was that the grace of Christ would prompt us to become the LEAST generous people in history.  :-)  His LIKELY hope was that grace would prompt us to become the MOST generous people in history.