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I got this email from Jack, a friend of mine at Grace, who shared his faith by texting this week.

"I was sitting in the doctors office waiting today when the following text exchange took place:

   – [From an unknown number I got] God I hate this class

   – [I responded] This is not GOD – infact I think you may have text the wrong number – not sure what GODS number is but I know he loves you and desires to have a relationship with you through his son Jesus Christ

   – [He responded] OMG – you are weird – ha ha – its logan

   – [I responded] Once again – I do not know a Logan but I know GOD does – he made you – have you given your life to him – he sent his son to die for you –

   – [He responded] ummmm okky

End of text – but thought you might get a kick"