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People_momI want to give a shout out to one of the people that helped shape me as a person — my mom.

My mom and step-father visited me today.  I was laying on my living room floor, where I’ve lived all week since my knee surgery.

Is it just me?  Or is it true that, no matter how old you get, it’s always nice to get a visit from your mom when you’re hurting and trying to heal?

Here are three things I appreciate about her:

  • Her love for children — My mother retired from the Raytown School District after teaching middle school children with special needs (learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, etc.).  When she would return from a day at school, she glowed as she talked about this young lady or that young man.  She enjoyed their personalities.  She saw their potential.  She exercised tremendous patience and helped many children create a better future by mastering skills they found so difficult.
  • Her sense of humor — My mom has a great sense of humor.  She always made me laugh.  And I grew up loving when I made her laugh.  When we get together, we have times that we belly-laugh together until it hurts.
  • She reads my blog — Whenever people tell me they have read my blog, I always reply the same way.  "That’s great.  Now I know that 2 people are reading it.  You…and my mom."  🙂  Seriously, she’s my most avid reader.

You know, "giving props" to our mom and dad is not really optional.  It’s a lifelong commitment for us, that is both a privilege and a blessing.

In addition, when you celebrate something about your parents, you are honoring God.  And you are learning how to honor your "heavenly father", too.