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Bible - Open with coffeeHere's a question I have.  I asked this question as I reread the story of King Hezekiah in my daily Bible reading yesterday (2 Kings 14-21).

  • How could someone who had such a incredible heart for God be such an absolutely awful parent?

In 2 Kings 18-19, Hezekiah is my hero.  He has this incredible, unshakable faith that God is with him, hears him, & can do anything.  Whenever he's faced with impossible circumstances — challenges that go way beyond his ability — he simply lays the situation before God, FULLY-BELIEVING without-a-doubt that God can do ANYTHING!  (I told this story in staff meeting recently as an example of how God is trying to grow me.  God wants to let all begin our day by thinking about impossible scenarios we face, have us lay the situations before Jesus,then fully rest in faith, knowing God will take care of it.)

But in 2 Kings 20, Hezekiah leaves me dumbfounded.  He's given 15 extra years of life from God, who miraculously heals him from a fatal illness.  Then with his extra time, he foolishly shows the Babylonians all the treasures of the kingdom (ensuring they'll be attacked) and has his son Manasseh (who he never connects with or is able to guide to the Lord).  And when he's told that his descendants will pay dearly for his mistakes as a leader/father, he simply smiles & says, "At least it won't happen in my day.  That's good news, right?"

It shocks me.

Then again, how many parents are successful in the workplace/gymnasium/church today but totally losing the battle at home?