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Sports - KC Chiefs If you've been listening to sports talk this week, you've heard about the mini-saga about Randy Moss, arguably the most talented (at least top 3?) receivers in the history of football.

Let's face it. Randy's got game. When he's "on," he's unstoppable.

So after he was cut by his 2nd team this year, and a sportswriter listed the Chiefs as a potential team to claim him off waivers, the debates were on.  "We've got to pick up Randy now!!"  "We need his playmaking ability!!" "No way! Leave it alone…don't mess a team that's  5-2!!"

When the Titans picked him Randy Moss yesterday off waivers, the Chiefs players supported the team's decision not to bring Randy in right now.

The whole debate reminded of me how critical CHEMISTRY is to any team.  It is the leader's job (e.g. the husband/father; the GM; the depatment head; the little league coach; the CEO) to maintain the chemistry of their team.  It's crystal clear from Scripture

  • Chemistry matters in the HOME.  It is better to live in a rented, run-down APARTMENT & eat beans & rice with GOOD family chemistry, than to live in a large, beautiful HOME in the best neighborhood & eat the best food money can buy WITHOUT good family chemistry. (Proverbs 25:24, 21:19, 15:17, 17:1)
  • Chemistry matters in the WORKPLACE.  It is better to sacrifice SHORT-TERM gains on your team and maintain GOOD team chemistry, than to assemble HIGHLY-talented people WITHOUT good team chemistry. (Proverbs 16:19, 22:10, 24-25, Mark 3:24-25)

Randy's got game, no doubt about it. But if, at this point in time, the team leadership thought that he would bring down the team chemistry, they absolutely made the RIGHT call.

P.S. I learned a great acronym from Bill Hybels & Willow Creek years ago on looking for "The 3 C's" in hiring.  Look for people with:

  1. Character — Do they have high character & do you trust them completely?
  2. Competency — Will they work very hard, do the job very well, & be very successful at it?
  3. Chemistry — Would they add to or take away from the team skill-set, comaraderie, & unity?