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Series 08 - Who is God Do WHATEVER it takes to get yourself AND a friend to Grace Church this Sunday.  We are going to take on the subject of "Who is God?"

What's up?

  1. God is showing me some AMAZING things about Himself in my study time already.
  2. God is stirring me up inside, Jeremiah 20:9-style.  (I FEEL it.)  And not just with prep time, but in my prayer time & in the people I'm talking to & places I'm heading this week.
  3. I didn't teach last weekend.  (Thanks Doug!!!)  It's ALWAYS dangerous when that happens.  I'm about to pop!
  4. We're going to blow the lid off a few HUGE misconceptions about God.  You'll think, "Oh MAN did I wish I invited my friend this week!!!"
  5. I believe God is going to ROCK our world!  (If we let Him…)

Get ready…  🙂