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Trip 09 - 5b TrafficHey, guys.  Awesome day today.  Spent about 8 hours in the car today traveling to various chat sessions.  And I am shot!!!

It was so incredibly instructive, though, and helpful and exciting.  Long hours of asking questions, hearing people's hearts, diving neck-deep into topics, & dreaming about the possibilities.

Trip 09 - 5a MosqueOn the way to various sessions, where'd we drive thru?

We had the chance to see the city of Erbil.  We were in a city that's been inhabited for at least 4200 years.  That's hard to fathom.

Trip 09 - 5c BookstoreDrove by it's big mosque too.  Impressive building.

Had the chance to see a Christian bookstore in action.

Drove thru the President's city of Koya and saw Trip 09 - 5d Freedom CtrThe Freedom Center.  This is a partially finished building beside is a sight to behold.

Ended the day with "Rev. Dean" (as we call him), deciding to order a PLATE of pastries for dinner.  (No kidding.  And yes, he shared with the group.)  I was good and ordered the humongous Greek salad first.  Then I chowed on some of his pastries.

Trip 09 - 5e Dean's Square MealP.S. Heading back to Turkey tomorrow.  Last time I was in the place we're headed, my internet wouldn't connect.  So, don't know if I can update everyone.  We'll see.