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Where've I been?  I've been ALL over the place recently:

I've been to see my baby girl at her 3rd grade musical.  She's in the front row on the far right in the authentic dress from China (thanks Grammy & G!).  The musical reminded me a little of "Let's Worship H-U-M-A-N-S!!" but she was cute!

Daughter - 3rd Grade Musical 1 

Daughter - 3rd Grade Musical 2

Then I got the chance to have 3rd row seats at the NBA game at Sprint Center last week.  I LOVE watching basketball & it was shocking what those athletes could do.

NBA Game

We had the chance to serve the needy as a family on Thursday night.  We headed down to Harvester's with around 30 or so people from Grace to pack 100's of cabbages for 2 hours.  It was a BLAST (really)!  It was AWESOME to see so many families & kids there, serving the needy together.

Yesterday, I got the chance to hear Ravi Zacharias speak to a group of Senior Pastors around Kansas City.  He spoke on the trends happening in society & generation in the coming years.  He was OFF THE HOOK.  (More later on that.)

People - Ravi Zacharias

This morning, I took my son to the Men's CommUNITY Prayer Event.  I was able to talk to him about the power & role of community prayer, both before & after the event.  It was another GREAT investment of time & special memory.