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Object - Laptop I'm up at the office now.

I limped in on my day off (Friday) b/c my house is empty.  Cathy, Jacob, & Karina are all up at Grace's Elementary Camp this week.  And from the looks of things, they are having a blast

Why did I "limp" in?  Because of this crazy marathon training program my friend Kevin has me on (he, of Endurance Planet).  We are supposed to put in an 18-mile training run this weekend…for a marathon in mid-October!

Anyway, the reason I wanted to write today is that our Grace web team is flat out "UHMAZEING."  Their attention to our website & its design is awesome.  (Here's a special "shout out" to Steve & Jeremiah who we can all thank for it!)

They recently added the ability for us to "E-vite" our friends to upcoming weekend series.  So check out the new Grace E-vite link here & try it out on your friends for God.  🙂