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Object - Laptop What a great weekend.  Here's a quick update on what happened:

  • I kicked off, not one, but TWO new series this weekend.  And kicking off a series always takes a little more effort & energy.  (Whew!)
  • GREAT response from the 4-week "Men of God & the Word of God" Study.  We had over 60 guys show up.  (I'm praying for your devotional times this week, guys!)
  • I really enjoyed walking through Ruth 1:1-18 today.  I'll shoot you the Oprah/Orpah naming link in tomorrow blog update.
  • Prospective Members Class went great today.  It ALWAYS does!  It's one of my FAVORITE times each month.  Telling our church's story.  Casting the vision God has for us.  And highly-engaged people asking the tough questions that they've never had the chance to ask.  What could be better???
  • In my son's football game today, he made the hit of the game.  On kickoff coverage, he ran downfield, avoided blocks, and pulverized the return man.  It was AWESOME!
  • Marathon prep continued.  On Friday, I ran 10 miles at goal pace (7:38/mile).  I felt good after that run!  On Saturday, I ran 20 miles at a much slower pace (around 8:45/mile).  I felt sick after finishing.  Regardless, I got a TON done on my Sunday message during that run.
  • I pretty much ran in the rain the entire time this weekend.  I like the cool.  But my shoes need to be fumigated now.  They're a bio-hazard.  🙂
  • My wife & I had the chance to run together, too.  She ran the longest distance she ever has in her entire life: 4 miles.  She's on this "Couch-to-10k" plan these days.
  • I caught a little of Michael Phelps on SNL this weekend.  He's a "freak-of-nature" physically (i.e. a good thing), and a very nice guy…but he's not naturally funny.