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A few thoughts on the weekend services a couple days ago…

(1)  Pastor Brian Gann did an AWESOME job kicking off a two-week series on the names of God in his "What’s In A Name?" series.  He went through the names of Jehovah and I heard several people tell me how he ministered to them.  I now officially dub him "Hebrew-Gann."  🙂

(2)  I had the honor of baptizing 5 people.  Because I’m usually speaking, I’m on the baptizing schedule about as often as Halley’s Comet.  No, not Haley’s Comet (with one "L")  🙂  But for one week, it wasn’t "Jim the Baptist," it was "Tim the Baptist."  I loved hearing their stories.

  • One man found Christ in the midst of dark (self-induced) times
  • One woman returned to Christ in the midst of some deep soul-searching 3 months ago
  • One man admitted his baptism marked the end of years and years of widespread rebellion against God in his life
  • One 6th grader said he felt God calling him to be baptized, 2 years after being led to Christ by his mom.
  • One woman told how she received Christ as Savior in her 2nd visit to Grace 2 months ago and now has seen her life change (not based on a list of rules, but a change in her desires)

(3)  I drove out to I-435 and Shawnee Mission Parkway in Lenexa to pick up my friend Chris for church.  Chris is 39 years old and received Jesus Christ several years ago in our church.  When he was 20, he received word that he had MS.  He’s now home-bound and wheelchair-bound.  We spent the afternoon together too.  I know it would take a physically strong and generous man with the spiritual gift of mercy and free time on Sunday morning to help him get to church, but I’m praying we can find him.  (P.S. People with the spiritual gift of mercy would be energized and made more cheerful by ministering to Chris.)

(4)  Sunday night, we had one of our quarterly Vision Updates.  These are great family meeting times…talking about where we are & where we’re headed as a church family.  I thought there were some very insightful questions, honest discussions, & compelling prayer.  We are in a very unique & blessed place as a church and, as I said last night:

  • We’ve only just begun — God has called us to reach out to hurting, rescue hearts, & reproduce Christ in them
  • We’ve only just begun — God has called us to present absolute Biblical truth in a creative & compelling manner that changes lives
  • We’ve only just begun — God has called us to grow Christian leaders & reproduce our church

(5)  I successfully avoided telling any visitors that I sleep with a lady in the church.