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Object - Pushpins Here is a hodgepodge of Wednesday stuff:

  — SBO — This week is going fantastic.  I am IN AWE of the amount of prayer, planning, & preparation that has gone into every detail of our Summer Break Out (i.e. vacation bible school) this week.  I mean absolutely everything, from the storyline of the Apostle Paul's life, to the many dramas & actors the kids hear thru the week, to the stunning decorations which transformed our church into "Night at the Museum," to the activities, to the snacks, and on & on.  Wow.  Even having prayer bracelets given out for every kid (I'm praying for 2nd grade "Jenna").  This week is (a) SO amazing for the kids, and (b) SO honoring God.  I couldn't be more proud of every volunteer.

Book - It   — Book I'm Spinning On — I'm almost finished taking our staff through the book "It" by Craig Groeschel.  I try to take our staff through 2 books per year, one in the Spring & one in the Fall.  This one is WRECKING me spiritually.  I am praying the last 3 prayers in the book…for me, my family, & our church ("stretch me. ruin me. heal me.").

  — What God's Speaking to Me About — Here are the 3 things I keep sensing God speaking to me about wherever I turn these days:

  1. Simplify
  2. Leaders lead
  3. Trust me  (I.e. Your obstacles will ALWAYS be bigger & stronger than you.  Who cares???  I will ALWAYS be bigger & stronger than your obstacles.)

  — A Cold Wave? — My morning run (9 miles) was SO nice.  How hot has it been recently, when the 72 degree weather I had felt cool??  (A 12-mile run earlier this week was so hot & humid that I sweat out 6 pounds of water during the run!  Gained it all back as I rehydrated throughout the day…but come on!)