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Object - Keyboard (Fast Typing)Hey everyone.  Here's a series of quick updates & late afternoon thots, as we gear up for Easter Weekend.

  • Tonight's Topic — If you can join us tonight for the Numbers study, do so.  It's from 6:45-8:00p.  You can also watch it LIVE, online at our website.  We'll be covering Numbers 28-29, the PERFECT prelude to Easter weekend…and foreshadowing of Christ!
  • Daily Reading — I've hit the gospels again in my daily reading, and I am LOVING it.  Read Matthew 15-19 this morning.  I saw one of my absolute favorite verses, Matthew 17:8.  I want to be that way too…after spending time with God, looking up, and only seeing Jesus…keeping my focus on Him!
  • 4 Vacation Books — When I was in Florida over Spring Break, I wanted to really veg-out.  Shut my mind down.  So I read 4 books (brought by my niece, borrowed from my wife, or owned by my dad).  They were Twilight, New Moon, City of Ember, & The Last Jihad.
  • Updated Bible Program — This week, I upgraded by Bible Study software after several years.  I went with the Silver Edition of Logos Bible Software 4.  I think it's going to be a good move…but learning how to use new software is never as fast as you want.  🙂
  • Knee Update — I called the doc today since I hadn't heard any news on my knee since the MRI last Thursday morning.  I got a voice mail back from a nurse.  "Mr. Howey, you did not tear your ACL.  But you do have a small, tiny, horizontal tear of the lateral meniscus…"  I get to wait till next Thursday to find out what we're doing about it.
  • A Job Anyone? — I got an email saying that AT&T was hiring "Leveraged Service Representatives" here in KC.  Here was the website link.
  • Invite Your 5 — Check out the video below and
    starting burning up the phone lines, text messages, & emails with
    invites.  It'll be an awesome weekend!


Don't Forget…Easter this Sunday! from Grace Church on Vimeo.