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Here are a bunch of random thots from this week.

  – My son played baseball yesterday.  The team seemed to be asleep, but he had fun!

  – Monday night, our third service planning team met to pray & nail down a "straw man" plan to add weekend services as needed in the future.  We landed on adding a 3rd Sunday morning service first, then a Saturday night as needed.

  – Today, I made some real progress for Sunday's "Don't Forget the Lyrics" series conclusion.  Check out Psalm 119:169-176.  And don't forget to come to the first worship at 9a, to free up those primo 10:45a visitor spots.

  – I started marathon training this week for a potential fall marathon.  I'm using this training plan as a guide, sent to me by Eric.

  – Finally cut & trimmed my 8" lawn tonight.  Took for-ev-uh!  I considered using a machete.  If I waited any longer, I'd have to hire someone to bail it.  🙂

  – Flipped on the College World Series & Stanford is up on Miami in the 9th inning, but there are no outs & Miami is rallying.  Loser goes home.  Keep hope alive!!!  (I KNOW you're all praying for a Stanford World Series win!)