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Man_thinkingHere are 5 things I think I think…

  • Any Jobs Out There??? — We've had people asking us if we know about companies that are hiring.  Have you heard of anyone hiring out there (entry-level, living-wage jobs, at minimum)???
  • Sounded Fine to Me… — I guess there was a mini-firestorm about the President's speech to students yesterday?  I read the speech which you can read here.  Sounded like he said "Stay in school, take responsibility for your education, & don't give up."  Nothing wrong with that.
  • The Royals Owe Us…
    — By my count, the Royals are undefeated when it's "Grace Day at the K."  I think EVERY day should be "Grace Day" and we'll see the turnaround immediately.
  • Trombone Man — My son was cracking us UP yesterday.  He was marching around the house with his brand new (rented) trombone, on Day 1, trying to play "Axel F"…trying.  :-)  (But I'm WAAAAAAY proud of the boy…the trombone was MY instrument in school, too.)
  • My Favorite Photo…  — This might be my favorite photo from our recent trip.

Israel - Pastor Ben