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Object - Journal  What's up 2nite?

  • Daily Reading — FYI, I'm in Ezekiel these days in my daily reading.  It's amazing.  When I have my time with God consistently (i.e. reading & praying), I am more at peace, REGARDLESS of whether the world around me is at peace.  When I tell myself "the lie" again (i.e. "You don't have time for that, Tim!  Get to work!"), not so much.  🙂
  • Wore Them Out — Yesterday's 5th grade boys practice was probably the toughest of the year.  Feel like we've tried a number of ways. Still trying to crack the code which unlocks our team's potential.  🙂
  • Book - 3 Cups of Tea 3 Cups of Tea — Finally finished this book tonight.  I'd recommend it to everyone.  Great insight into what life is like in rural Islamic culture in Central Asia.  Shows what 1 person can do when you throw yourself into loving a people too.
  • The Most Loving Place in Town — Finished this book yesterday.  It's written in a parable (story) format so it was a breeze to read.  It's the story of what would happen if your church received the letter Jesus sent the church of Ephesus in Revelation 2:1-7.
  • The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life — I mentioned this book 2 weeks ago.  Laura Oliver wrote me this note: "Thanks for mentioning it.  It is proving to be a big blessing to me & much that I've read so far is addressing just what I've been grappling with myself regarding the subject."
  • Being a Prophet — Mark it down.  Colts 31. Saints 27.