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Hey guys, here's what's up tonight…

  • Sick Be Gone — The kids have gotten better.  A couple days of fun & phlegm & it was over.
  • Fun Study — The study through Numbers 21 (particularly v.4-9) was FUN tonight.  We saw the story that Jesus referred to in John 3:14-15.  (If you want to blow your mind, check out these passages too: Revelation 20:2, Isaiah 66:22-24, Matthew 22:13, Matthew 27:45, and Psalm 22:1-6).
  • Hooping It Up — Pretty soon, our basketball seasons will be over.  But we had a great time yesterday at practice.  But I'm always surprised how short their attention spans are in 3rd & 5th grade.  🙂
  • One Cat Year — We're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my wife, daughter, & mother-in-law playing dirty with me.  It was Valentine's Day last year when the 3 of them asked me to look for a cat.  How could I say no?  P.S. How many years have passed in Callie the cat's life (AKA "The Mistress of Funk") over this last year of human time?