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Series 08 - MythBusters (SBO 2008)
Today was a blast!

We busted the same “5 Myths About Jesus” that our elementary students studied this week during their annual Summer Breakout (i.e. Vacation Bible School).  We just took them on from an adult perspective.

Here are thoughts from today:

  • The kids did a GREAT job today in their SBO performance!  Kudos to the
  • My wife sent me the final SBO registration numbers.  Of the 317 registered elementary students:
    • 124 (39%) were children of members
    • 71 (22%) were children of visitors
    • 122 (38%) were children of NON-attenders
  • I had a great response to Flannelgraph Jesus.  One guy told me he was going to buy a nice, soft, safe, easily-controllable “Flannelgraph Jesus” to put on the rear view mirror in his car.
  • Book - Case for Christ
    To dig further into the “Myths about Jesus,” check out The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.
  • For those of you who were there, which Jesus picture was your favorite?
    • French Fork Jesus?
    • Rico Suave Jesus?
    • Ultra Softy Jesus?
    • Hardcore Hunger Jesus?
    • Rambo Jesus?
    • Shredded Jesus?
  • We had at least 6 people (3/service) raise their hand to say they prayed with me to receive Christ today!!!