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Series_in_the_know_1john_2 We kicked off our journey through The First Letter of John yesterday.  We looked at the first five verses and talked about "Knowing Joy."  We saw that God really does want us to enjoy life to the fullest!  You can listen or download the details here.

I thought I would post some bonus information on the web each week during this series which we didn’t have the time to get to on Sunday.

Today’s thought:

John, the aged apostle, had firsthand experience with Jesus.  He walked beside Jesus firsthand on the dusty roads of Palestine.  He heard Jesus firsthand speak to large crowds…to solitary hurting people…to children…to treacherous Pharisees.  He touched Jesus’ body firsthand after he had risen from the dead, likely placing his hand inside the open wounds of Christ.

Through the years of Jesus’ ministry & beyond, John grew to KNOW Jesus…not just "know some facts about" Jesus, but KNOW Him.  And John wanted to introduce Jesus to us through several names in the first five verses.  He called Jesus:

  • "That which was from the beginning" – Jesus is eternal, existing before the creation of Genesis 1:1
  • "The Word of life" – Jesus is the living word of God…the Bible with flesh on, as it says in John 1:1.  Jesus’ thoughts, desires, heart, and promises are found recorded in the pages of the Bible.
  • "The life" – Jesus is the one source of life in the universe, as John wrote in John 14:6.  If you have Jesus, you have life.
  • "That eternal life" – Jesus is eternal life.  If you have Jesus, you have a source of life that will never be extinguished, and you will live forever.
  • "His [the Father’s] Son Jesus Christ" – Before time began, when there existed only God, one God in three persons.  And Jesus was God the Son, loving and relating to God the Father.

Next week, we’re going to talk about "Knowing How to Walk."  Read 1 John 1:6-2:2 to start thinking about the topic.