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Series 08 - Don't Forget Lyrics (Ps 119)
A couple days ago, we kicked off our new series, "Don't Forget the Lyrics."  We talked about how to get "The Eye of the Tiger" (i.e. achieve success, be blessed by God) from Psalm 119:1-8.

What an OUTSTANDING start!

Here are several thoughts from the services:

  • The volunteer singers were outstanding!  I had no idea they would sing along with the band as well as they did.  Both Eric (1st service) & Christopher (2nd service) were great, but the church ERUPTED when Christopher finished.
    • Incidentally, Christopher mouthed "Sorry" to his wife as he was on-stage waiting for the words to start.  🙂
  • I didn't comment on it, but I found v.4 very strange.  This is a prayer.  Doesn't God know this?  Sometimes God LIKES us to tell Him things He already knows…showing Him we're "on the same page."
  • Here is a resource on some other acrostic poems.  And since it's Wikipedia, we KNOW it's true.  🙂
  • Psalm 119 isn't the only acrostic psalm.  These are also acrostic:
  • I got this email about the service:
    • "Incidentally, yesterday in 1st service, you talked about us not being able to do the Christian life in our own strength and how God says to that: 'Finally!' — It made me smile, because one of the entries I had just read in my journal from some time ago was me saying to Him:  'I CAN'T Do THIS, I JUST CAN'T DO IT!!!!!!' and I had heard very clearly: 'That's the point.' "
  • If you want to hear the original song "The Eye of the Tiger" (or you'd like a quick recap of Rocky 3), check out this video.  (If you want a laugh, check out this video & this video I found while I was searching for it.)

P.S. Next week's song is also from the 80's, so pull out that 8-track system & start cramming for the contest.  (And yes, I once owned a Meat Loaf 8-track.)