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Series 09 - BeyondOur topic yesterday was "Wrestling with God" from Jonah 4.

When someone is "Wrestling with God," they are going through the process of resolving the tension between THEIR desires and what GOD'S will appear to be.

Pix - Sumo Wrestler & Child When we find ourselves "Wrestling with God," we're about as successful as this young man in the red shorts.  🙂

Some "thots" on yesterday:

  • Several Profession of Christ — There were several people (10+ or so?) in all 3 services that recognized that they received Christ as their Savior yesterday!
  • A Crash Course on Anger — I said yesterday that one of the symptoms that appear when someone is wrestling with God is "handling anger inappropriately."  It's not a sin to be angry…that's a big myth among Christians…the thought that it's wrong to be angry.   However, we need to know how to handle our anger appropriately (Eph 4:26).  But what does that mean?  We need to:
    1. Slow ourselves down — We need to slow down our emotions and our mouth.  A person who doesn't have control over their emotions is defenseless (Pro 25:28).  A person who doesn't have control over their mouth can't control the rest of their body (Jas 3:2).  A person who is quick to anger is a FOOL (Eccl 7:9).
    2. Find out the facts first — It's amazing how often we see a fact or two, misinterpret what they mean, then get mad about our own misunderstanding & misinterpretation!  We need to avoid judging things by their initial appearance (John 7:24).  We need to make sure we focus on listening before we allow ourselves to get angry (Jas 1:19).  We need to get the full story before we get angry (Pro 18:17).  To do this, we have to place a healthy MIS-trust in our OWN first impression.
    3. Resolve our anger today — If we let anger stay inside us, without resolving it, we are just ASKING for problems.  Unresolved anger is like a cancer waiting to spring up and affect everyone around you (Heb 12:14-15).  Unresolved anger is like inviting the devil into your home & life…he lives & works in the space provided by unresolved anger (Eph 4:26-27).
  • The Jonah Movie — Guess what I found online this week.  The entire Jonah movie on YouTube.  It's found here.

FYI, this Wednesday night, we're taking a break from our Numbers study for our Ignite Worship Night (7-8 pm).  Make sure you bring some supplies for Hillcrest Transitional Housing (like Hamburger Helper, Chicken Helper, Tuna Helper, boxed cereal, mac & cheese, canned chicken, & laundry detergent).

Next Sunday, we'll close out our "Beyond" series talking about "Choosing your God" from Nahum 1Nahum was written about Ninevah some 70-100 years after the story of Jonah.  It's "the rest of the story…"