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Series 09 - Wise Men (Christmas)I'm sitting in my office, after we finished our 2 Christmas Eve Candlelight services.  I'm hearing the sleet hit the office windows & a piece of me is wondering how much I'll have to scrape off to head home, and then to my mom's house.

But mostly I'm just reflecting on what an awesome God we serve, and what a privilege we just had to worship him this afternoon!

A few thots…

  • The Music — I love the dialed down feeling we have on Christmas Eve.  Ben, our worship pastor, said it seems more intimate…like a family setting.
  • The Video
    If you're interested in watching the video again, click here and check it out.  We purchased it from
  • The Story
    — Wasn't the imagery of the gold (deity), frankincense (suffering),
    and myrrh (death) just AMAZING???  I couldn't wait to share what I'd
    been finding in my studies.
  • The Lights — The candlelight ceremony always takes my breath away.  And I talked to an usher who said that getting to light a candle in each row was a special moment for him.  Left him feeling great.  (It pictures the rush we get when our faith becomes "infectious" and changes the lives of our friends & family.)
  • The Wax
    — Being the first one to have his candle lit, I probably get the most
    wax.  I think I got more hot wax on my fingers than ever!  (Hard to
    complain after we talked about the suffering & death of Christ
    though, right?  🙂
  • The Lives — One lady caught me after service (who'd just friended me on Facebook this week) and shared how our church family has literally transformed her family recently.  With tears in her eyes, she wanted me to pass on a "Thank you" to everyone at Grace.  That's why we do what we do.

May you and your family have a blessed, merry, & safe (with all the ice & snow coming) Christmas!