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Series 09 - Uncertain On Sunday, we kicked off 2009 and our January weekend series called "Uncertain."

(I really wanted to put this entry out earlier.  But I've been dealing with some nasty stomach sickness for 1-2 days which knocked me out of commission.  My back went out at the same time, so I was getting it from both directions…my stomach was gurgling at me & back was yipping at me.  Anyway, enough about this stuff.)

This "Uncertain" series came about because we knew people were concerned:  the economy is down, people fear losing their jobs, the geopolitical climate is changing.  So we asked people what they wanted to hear.  Here is what we landed on:

  • "Why do I exist?" (Jan 4)
  • "What's this world coming to?" (Jan 11)
  • "How can a good God let bad things happen?"  (Jan 18)
  • "What happens to people when they die?" (Jan 25)

Sunday was about "Why do I exist?"

  • Salvations — We had several people say they received Christ Sunday.  God's been moving BIG time in that way recently.  From our 3 Christmas services, to Sheryl Lovich's visitation & funeral, to our 3 services Sunday, people keep getting saved!!!
  • Where's Your Fruit??? — God's not going to let me rest until EVERY person can point to someone at Grace (or at another church) where God used THEM PERSONALLY to touch them & bear fruit in their lives.  I got this excellent email after the service:
    • "Subject: New Expectations for 2009 and Beyond.  I thought you might like to see the inspiring story from one of our Gracers!  It made me think of your sermon Sunday, and this is about the 5th person whom I have heard talk of the fruit they want in their lives…!"
  • Cutting Room Floor — I mentioned that I could have spoken for weeks on the topic.  Here were some of the sections I considered using:
  • 8:30a Service
    • I spilled water all over myself during my closing prayer.  I grabbed the water bottle, but the top wasn't screwed on.  So I turned it into a geyser, all over myself.
    • After service, someone points out to me that, AFTER I told people I'm a "recovering control freak" I made people say "Hi Tim!" AGAIN because it wasn't loud enough!!  🙂
  • 10:00a Service
    • The example of "Jabba-the-Hut-Christians" came to me.  I went with it & cracked myself up while doing it.
    • I notice people sitting cheek-to-cheek and ask people to more to our 8:30a or 11:30a service to free up space for visitors.
  • 11:30a Service
    • I use the term "Professional Christian" (pronounced "Pro-FESS-ee-uh-null KREEE-stee-un") for those people who've got their Christian game on (i.e. going through the motions) without God having their heart.

Be sure to bring a friend to next week's topic, "What's This World Coming To?"  If you aren't bringing a guest yourself, then love people enough to start coming to the 1st or 3rd service (8:30a or 11:30a)!!!