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Series 09 - Uncertain
A couple more follow-ups from Sunday's topic:

I initially planned on kicking off the series with several quotes from this Philosophy of Words web page.  (My favorite is "Why don't you ever see the headline, "Psychic Wins Lottery"?)  But, during my weekly 6:30a review, I cut it.

Also, I received these comments about the message Sunday:

  • "…really spoke to me on Sunday… I needed to hear that particular message in a big way and God knew it!  Thanks!"
  • "…Sunday was amazing.  I know in reality it is all simple stuff, but it was the way God directed…we are going to listen to it at least once with our kids.  It is exactly what we would want them to know."
  • People - Oprah
    "Hi Tim! I watched Oprah today and had an "aha" moment related to your
    message on Sunday! She was talking again about her struggle with her
    weight after all of these years and came to the conclusion that it was
    not food that was her issue. It was joy and love that she was missing
    in her life and she was turning to food to fill the emptiness of her
    life that she has tried to fill with things that give her meaning,
    mainly work,…none of which have. Like you talked about, she is one
    with many, many resources, yet she is left without joy and
    unfulfilled. I thought she really needs to read Ecclesiastes because
    the thing that also struck me was how she never mentioned Jesus…!!"

I got this email on my comments about "Jabba-the-Hut Christians."

  • Jabba
    Saturday night I was reading in Rev., the part where Jesus is speaking to the seven churches…..I prayed and asked the Lord, "Lord, which one is most like my spiritual condition, which one would I be?"  Laodicea was the answer…I'd been feeling and saying that I have been dissatisfied with my spiritual life for some time…So long story short.  Thank you for what you said on Sunday.  I was very painfully convicted.  The first word I saw on the screen as they all flashed before us was "lukewarm."  Then again, at the end when you prayed for us, you also used that word…With love & respect in Him, Jabba"

I got this email on my comments about "Professional Christians."

  • "When you were going through the description of a professional Christian, you were describing me in all my unflattering glory.  I understand it not about works but still I sometimes think "I'm good because I'm not bad," if that makes sense.  While you were praying the prayer for new believers, I was praying that God would touch my heart in a new and fresh way. I know He is there, He is waiting for me.  I am sure there were others that have already accepted Christ but need to work on their relationship w/ Him. Sometimes all a person needs is a good kick in the shins to get their attention, Sunday's service did that for me. I just wanted to thank you for letting Jesus work through you to reach me.  Have a great day."

I can't wait to see what God's going to do NEXT week!