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Series 08 - Who is God
Yesterday we finished our 2-week series called "Who Is God?"

A HUGE topic.

We decided to debunk a widespread misunderstanding & mischaracterization we often hear about God:

  • "In the OLD Testament God is concerned with justice & judgment, while in the NEW Testament God is concerned with love & mercy."

Everybody thinks it.  It's just not right.  God is the SAME in both Testaments.  He's been the same throughout history & will be the same forever.

  • "For I am the LORD, I do not change." (Malachi 3:6)
  • "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, & forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

Some thoughts from Sunday…

  • Youssef — What a great chance to hear from Youssef.  His story was POWERFUL, wasn't it?  We're going to publish it on Wednesday in our podcast.  (P.S. I got to meet his Dad after 2nd Service!)
  • Salvations — We had 6 people declare publicly that they received Christ yesterday.  AWESOME!!!  (That NEVER grows old!!!)
    • Stand — I didn't think about having people stand up to show they prayed with me until Youssef talked about Matthew 10:32-33 in his story.  (i.e. God "called an audible" yesterday.)  🙂
    • Surprise — The 2 ladies (friends) who stood together in 1st Service had NO IDEA that the other was going to stand up.  They both just did it immediately, at the same time!
    • Delay — It took a few extra moments those in 2nd Service to stand.  But after 1 brave person did, the other 3 did!
    • Comments –I had friends send me these comments yesterday:
      • "That is AWESOME!!!"
      • "I just can't help it…being in the same room when someone makes the most life-altering decision is unbelievable. What an honor just to witness their proclamation!"
      • "I know there were more salvations in that room and that the Spirit will continue moving in others that will eventually make that decision because of today's message…absolutely amazing."
  • Song — How did you like Brian King's mid-service, a-capella-version of "Holy Holy Holy?"
  • Staging — I changed things up yesterday, using a chair & table instead of the hip-looking pulpit we have.  Did anyone out there notice or care?  Post a comment.
  • Pumpkin Shirt — It's that time of year.  I had to break out the pumpkin-colored shirt today.  🙂
  • Cutting Room Floor — Here's stuff I had to cut:
    • God cares about every detail of our lives (Matt 10:29-31)
    • God gives us 100% acceptance in Christ (Eph 1:6)
    • God sets us free from our sin nature (Rom 6:18)
    • God sets us from from all people (1Cor 9:19)
    • God sets us free from the law (Rom 8:2)

  • My friend Hector — He sent me these notes after yesterday.
    • A VerseMatt 7:21-23.  Wow.  People who were thoroughly convinced they were part of God's family…but never were.
    • A Video — Keith Green singing about the sheep & goats from the late 70's (gotta love the hair too).  🙂

You do NOT want to miss my message called "G3" next Sunday!