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Yesterday, we talked about "Experiencing a Real Walk with God."

We studied Luke 5:1-11 where Jesus called Peter out of the crowd of people sitting & observing Him, to TRULY follow him.

A few thoughts…

  • Hitting it Hard — I tried to draw a CRYSTAL CLEAR line-in-the-sand for all the people who are kidding themselves (just like I have in MY past too) by thinking their good attendance & consumption of church-stuff constitutes a walk with God.  Bottom line?  if you're not spending time with God, and not seeing His hand do miracles in your life, & not being personally challenged like never before, then you're NOT walking with God.
  • Too Hard? — I got to wondering if I was coming too hard.  Then I thought the only people who would be upset are people who AREN'T walking with God!
  • Everyone Can! — Absolutely EVERY SINGLE PERSON can walk with God.  THAT'S what God wants!!!  That's EXACTLY why He left you here!!!
  • Diving Deeper — For further study, check out John 21:1-14.  When Peter starts drifting from walking with God after the Resurrection, Jesus pulled out the miracle again.
  • Oh My… — This is the quote that I read from "The Saving Life of Christ" by
    Major W. Ian Thomas.  Wow…

    • "What have you been doing since your redemption?  Still what is right in your own eyes?  Are you sold out for Jesus Christ?  Do you still claim the right to choose your
      own career?  You do not have that
      right!  Do you still claim the right to
      choose the wife or husband you will marry? 
      You do not have that right!  Do
      you still claim the right to use your leisure hours as you please?  You do not have that right!  Do you still claim the right to spend your
      money as you please?  You do not have the
      right!  Do you still consider that you
      have the right to choose where you will spend your vacation?  You do not have that right!  Except in the wilderness! Maybe that is precisely where you are right now – still doing
      what you
      think is right in your own eyes…"
  • God Moment — After hearing the quote, someone sent me this note:
    • "But the particular page in chapter 4 of "The Saving Life of Christ" you mentioned in your sermon yesterday (page 52, to be exact) was exactly where I'd read the previous night.  I remember becoming increasingly uncomfortable as I read through the list of "rights", or—-"denied rights", more acurately…Why is it so hard for us to give up control!…P.S. That you mentioned that awesome book in church and on your blog is a direct answer to a prayer I wrote to Him about a year ago…"
  • Last Minute Stuff — You might wonder what happens backstage during a service?  This week, one of our GREAT Weekend Service Team (not me thankfully!) was hurrying to sew a button back on my shirt which popped off right before the music started.  Then I was running a hot iron over a wrinkle I found that my dry cleaner very neatly pressed into it (thanks guys).  🙂
  • Other Resources — Check out these books for further study…

Book - Experiencing GodBook - The Life of PeterBook - Saving Life of Christ

Next weekend, we talk about Listening to God…