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Series 08 - Bars (Communication)
This morning, we finished our 2-week series on communication called "Bars" (like the signal-strength "bars" on your cell phone).  Last week, Pastor Brian talked about "Dealing with Dead Zones" (or communication-killers). And this week I talked about, "Upgrading your Signal" (how to improve communication).

I got A LOT of feedback saying God was speaking to people's hearts.  (As I said, we ALL can grow in communication.)

Several 'thots' from today:

  • Cutting Room Floor — It KILLED me to cut out a section I had on how "The Tower of Babel" (from Genesis 11:1-9).  It's the story of one society's dream of creating a "God-free-zone / celebration-of-humanity."  The story illustrates what happens when there is a breakdown in communication.  So, here it is:
    • When communication breaks down…
    • …confusion reigns (v.7)
    • …relationships are severed (v.9)
    • …progress is halted (v.8)
    • …and dreams are dashed (v.8)
  • Extra References — I added these verses verbally today:
  • Getting Feedback — I encouraged everyone to care enough about people to ask 2-3 people who know them for feedback on how they can grow in communication.  Here an example of how to ask:
    • "I really want to grow in communication.  And I value your opinion.  So, is there any way you see that I can communicate better?  I promise not to interrupt you, or get mad or take it personally.  I just want to grow."
    • FYI — One guy grabbed me after worship and (tongue-in-cheek) said he'd decided to ask his mother & preschool son for feedback.  That's one way to get out of it!  🙂
  • Book - Crucial Conversations
    For Further Study
    — As we talked about from Prov 15:28, God wants us to STUDY how to be better communicators.  The book I referenced is called "Crucial Conversations."  I blogged about it here last November.  (As I told everyone, it's not a "Bible Study" book.  It's a book that has a great way of phrasing Biblical principles on successful communication.)
  • 2nd Service Attenders
    — Could you help free up "prime visitor real estate" in our 2nd Worship by coming to 1st Worship?  (It'd be a HUGE help!)

Next week, we kick off a new series through The Book of Ruth called "Choices."  Here is what we're covering:

Make sure you register to "test drive" a small group during those 5 weeks!