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Series 08 - ServolutionOn the weekends, we've been talking about Matthew 20:25-28, where Jesus said the way to GREATNESS is by putting ourselves at the very
bottom…doing the least desirable tasks…as a SERVANT of

We've talked about how God sparks the "Revolution of Service" IN us, how God spreads it THRU us, and the resistance we face AGAINST us.  Yesterday, Pastor Jim closed out our series in Luke 14:15-24 with the call that IT'S TIME for a "Servolution" in each of us.

Here are a few "bonus" thots…

  • What's Up With My Time??? — Jim referenced Ephesians 5:15-17.  That's a time management section that stops me in my tracks EVERY time I read it.  I ask, "God, am I redeeming the time you're giving me in a way that's pleasing to you?"
  • What's Up With You??? — There are STILL some "Gracers" who are hanging out on the sidelines of ministry!  And there are STILL some Gracers who used to be involved in ministry, but they stopped!  Life happened & their "break" has become a lifestyle (i.e. an extennnnnnnnn-ded break).  WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???  It's time to get involved & serve…now!  🙂
  • Our G3 Prayers
    — Stop right now & pray these things (our Nov-Dec prayer requests)…

    • That every person begins serving in ministry
    • That every person invites someone on the journey with them
    • That every person is transformed more like Jesus

Series 08 - The Invitation (Christmas)
Next weekend, we kick off our Christmas series called "The Invitation."  I'm PUMPED about what God is getting ready to do starting next week.  (Hint: Start praying NOW for 7 people God wants YOU to invite to our Christmas Big Day Services, Sat Dec 21.  Pray God starts opening their hearts & schedules that day as you ask, beg, bribe, drag them to hear about Christ with you!)  🙂