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Series 10 - Real Passion (Easter)Hey everyone.  After a weekend off, I was back in the saddle on Sunday, teaching the 2nd part of our "Real Passion" series leading up Easter.  Our topic was "The Real Incarnation" from Hebrews 2.

Here's what's bumping around my head tonight…

  • TV - Undercover Boss The ORIGINAL "Undercover Boss" — We finalized the topic for this week last fall.  Then just before the Super Bowl, I started seeing the ads for "Undercover Boss".  And it hit me.  That's an awesome idea!  And a total rip-off of the story of Jesus!  Jesus was the original big-time Owner, who changed His appearance (covered in light, Ps 104:1-2, Mt 17:1-9) to work side-by-side with His people, and reveal His TRUE identity at the very end…when he rewards some & judges others.  Wow.
  • The Questions — These things were running thru my mind this week.  Just how far would you go in order to reach people?  Who you give up your home?  Your job?  Empty your bank accounts?  Leave behind everything that's comfortable including clothing, food, recreation?  Give up your freedom?  (God won't ask all of us to do this.  But we ALL need to be WILLING, if God prompts.)
  • Missions - Hudson TaylorMy Heroes — The changes Jesus was willing to make for us were monstrous.  It reminds me  couple of some other absolute HEROES of mine, who made the sacrifices to adopt a different culture, in order to reach people.  One group were the Moravians who, when they arrived in the West Indies, sold themselves into slavery so they could reach people.  Another here of mine is Hudson Taylor, who completely adapted to Chinese culture when his Western methods proved fruitless.
  • The HUUUUGE "Open Door" — Easter is next weekend.  This is THE VERY BEST time of year for inviting our friends, family, coworkers, classmates, & neighbors to visit church with us (Sat 5p, or Sun 8a, 9:30a, 11a).  Even NON-religious people are open to checking things out.
  • Your "Easter 5" — That's what we're calling all people to write down, pray for, & invite 5 DIFFERENT PEOPLE to visit Grace Church at 1 of our 4 Easter Services.  I'll be talking about "The Real Crucifixion."  I promise that you WON'T want to miss out on having your friends there with you.  It'll be POWERFUL (Rom 1:16, 1Co 1:18).

Here's a video we shot about it last Friday.

Easter at Grace from Grace Church on Vimeo.