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Series 08 - The Invitation (Christmas)Yesterday, we kicked off our Christmas Series called "The Invitation."

Last week, Pastor Jim taught from Luke 14.  Yesterday, I taught from Luke 14.  Next week, I'll teach from Luke 14.  (Sounds like God wants us to figure out what He's saying in Luke 14!!!)  🙂

Yesterday, I talked about "The Ultimate Party" from Luke 14:1-17 — the party God has been planning from before time began…the feast God invites every person in history to…the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.

Here are a few "bonus" thots…

  • Feedback — I got this email about yesterday…
    • "Thanks man.  I have long believed Jesus to be a party animal.  Sometimes (always?) traditional religion (shall we say) has not understood.  I LOVE my God and his sense of humor AND his ability to throw a good one (party that is)."
  • Bone Marrow…Mmmmm — I referenced bone marrow as a delicacy in yesterday's discussion of Isaiah 25:6-8.  First, special thanks to Jason Henderson, a developmental chef at Applebee's (and our Weekend Worship Director) for the info.  I also found this website on making a meal of bone marrow.  Mmmm…  :-)  Anyone ever eat this?
  • Cutting Room Floor — Here's some bonus material for further study:
    • Leviticus 23 — Every feast the Jewish people were supposed to observe were a foreshadowing (a "type") of God's Ultimate Feast of Revelation 19:7-9.
    • Matthew 22:1-14 — Here's another time Jesus teaches on the same topic.  THIS one is a little more "in-your-face."
    • Mark 10:1-23 — In this section, Jesus LAYS INTO the religious leaders for, not only misinterpreting the Bible, but making stuff up and being TOTAL judgmental-hypocrites!
    • Romans 10:15 — I didn't have the time to dive into how God considers people who invite others to His Ultimate Party "foot models."  Are you God's "foot model?"  🙂
  • Go 7-for-1 — Remember to pray for & go "7-for-1."  That is, it takes 7 invites (on average) to have 1 person say "Yes" to visit church with you.  Let's keep praying "Each one brings one" for our 3 Christmas services on Sunday, Dec 21.  That would mean that our church of 1000 would see 2000 people hear the gospel that day!!!
  • Our G3 Prayers
    — Stop right now & pray these things (our Nov-Dec prayer requests)…

    • That every person begins serving in ministry
    • That every person invites someone on the journey with them
    • That every person is transformed more like Jesus

Next weekend, we talk about "The E-vites" from Luke 14:15-24.  Don't miss the last Sunday before we launch our 3rd Service & our service times change!  Tass will also be here to sign copies of his amazing book, Once an Arafat Man!