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Pix - Beginnings Handout Logo Yesterday, we wrapped up our weekend series called "Beginnings" talking about "The Question of Suffering."  We talked through the ENTIRE book of Job…all 42 chapters.

  • Love the Book — The book of Job is, flat out, a treasure-trove of wisdom on everything from parenting, to suffering, to counseling, to science, to the Divine goings-on in heaven. I loved going through it.
  • How in the World? — One of the toughest things to do in a week like this is to crack the code on how to give people a legitimate glimpse of the key sections, & grasp of its content, in a way that doesn't bore or lose people.  It helps TREMENDOUSLY that the story itself is gripping
  • Excitement for OWNit365 — People are constantly grabbing me & saying how the Bible is opening up to them like never before.  Kim Boyd told me she wasn't sure she would like hearing a talk on a section of the Bible she just read.  But now she's loving it & looking forward to it every weekend.
  • Don't go all ELIHU on People!! — Remember, when you're hanging out with someone, supporting them through their suffering, not to go all "Elihu" on people, pretending you have all the answers with a spirit of self-righteousness & religious-smugness which is sickening…and ugly…and makes you look foolish!
  • 3,229 Users!! — We now have 3,229 people registered for our reading plan on YouVersion.  (You can check out the up-to-date numbers here…knowing they list 25 users per page.)

Next weekend, we kick-off a 2-week series through the ENTIRE book of Exodus called "The Journey."  We've got some very special things planned!"