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Pix - The Journey PPT1 Yesterday, we finished a 2-week series through the ENTIRE book of Exodus called "The Journey."  My hope was to give people a glimpse of how Israel's slavery, deliverance, & journey provide a roadmap for OUR salvation by faith in Christ & subsequent journey with God.

  • Favorite Book — When I read Exodus, it like I'm reading MY story of meeting Christ in 1988 & walking with him by faith since then.
  • Salvations — Last weekend, we had a ton of people claim they received Christ last week after each service last weekend.
  • Red Sea Faces — I saw several long-time Gracers, who are spiritually-mature, have their jaws physically drop when they realized that the Red Sea pictured baptism, according to 1Cor 10. That is, when someone won't get baptized, they're saved…they still on the journey…they're safe (protected by God)…but they're journey is stuck (Matthew 28:19-20).
  • Tip Sheets — Don't forget the weekly tip sheets at  There you'll find quick explanations of how to apply each part of the Tabernacle to your own personal worship lives.
  • Indiana Jones & the Tabernacle of You — We still have the audio to this series on the Media page of our website, if you want to understand the Tabernacle even better.
  • Success = Forgetting — Sometime, success is forgetting. If you've fallen behind in our OWNit365 plan, just forget the past & start fresh where we're reading today. If you want to catch up, then catch up when you can later.
  • Twitter/Facebook — I've been posting a single tweet / Facebook status for every chaper we're reading in If you're ever stuck or want to know what I saw, check it out.
  • 2100 & 3700 — That's how many people have registered at our website & YouVersion now.
  • Pray, Listen, Obey — That's what we asked people to do regarding who God wants to start attending our 8:00 a.m. The others are full & we want to keep the momentum God's doing. Ask God what He wants you to do, listen, & obey Him.

Next weekend, we kick off a series I've been promising in our Grace Vision Class for over 14 years:  "Finding God in the Foam of Your Latte (an expositional study of the book of Leviticus)."  Invite a friend. You won't want to miss it.