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Series 10 - Deadliest CatchHey everyone.  We kicked of our new "Deadliest Catch" series yesterday with the story of Jesus calling his first 4 apostles (Matthew 4:18-22).  We've got a lot to talk about in a short space, so I'd better get going.

  • The Show
    — First off, if you haven't seen the show, it's on the Discovery Channel here.
  • Series 10 -
Deadliest Catch Captain PhilNot-Your-Typical Religious Leader — I absolutely LOVE how Jesus bypassed the religious leaders of the world and the halls of higher learning to grab fishermen who'd be perfect on Deadliest Catch.  Peter, Andrew, James, & John were commercial fishermen…no-nonsense, in-your-face, rough-around-the-edges, a-little-raw-with-the-language type of guys.
  • Jesus, the Only Way — If I flew over those verses a little too quickly this week, here they are again.  These verses (including Jesus' own words) show Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father:  John 14:6, Ephesians 2:12, Acts 4:12, & Galatians 2:21.  The other verses I shared regarding how DESPERATELY God loves every single person He ever created were: John 3:17, 2 Peter 3:9, & Romans 5:8.

  • Series 10 - Deadliest Catch Drowning Fishing for Survivors
    — I made the point that "fishing for men" was the opposite of fishing for fish.  When you fish for fish, you pull creatures to their death.  When you "fish for men" you pull survivors of the Titanic out of icy waters to their life.  After hearing about us throwing out Jesus as the ONLY lifeline to our friends & family, someone sent me this pic.
  • Perfect Timing — I got this note yesterday. "Hi Tim, I just have to tell you that your message today
    was PERFECT for my [friends]. Wow, it is fun to see God so at work
    already in [their lives]!! I was surprised that [they] even wanted to come to
    church and then, like I said, there really couldn't have been a better message
    for [them] to hear right now 🙂 Praise God!"
  • Tackle Box — I had Pam Turner send me this file of "Fishing Cards" along with the following note: "Hi Tim, Proper equipment is always helpful. I developed
    the attached for my tackle box. I print them double-sided on cardstock and cut
    them apart. I keep a couple in my Bible and a couple in my handbag. It
    increases my comfort level that I will be ready for those unexpected open
    doors. Also, it gives me something to put in the fish’s hand. Some fish prefer
    to nibble at the bait awhile before chomping down on it."
  • 3 Names — I asked everyone to think of the first 3 names that comes to mind (i.e. that God brings to mind) to start praying like crazy for them that God would open their eyes to the love & sacrifice of Jesus for the, then to watch like a hawk for any "microanswers" that God brings, or an open door to speak the love & truth of God into their lives.  If you haven't jotted 3 names down & started praying for them, take 60 seconds and do it!

Next week talk is called "Fish Stories," how to share what God has done in YOUR life with someone else.