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Series 09 - 3 Days Yesterday, we continued our 3-week series leading up to Easter
Weekend called "3 Days."   Last week, we talked about how the 3 most important day for humanity started…with the death of Christ.  This week, we talked about the quiet middle of those 3 days…the burial of Christ.

We kicked off our time talking about what "The Gospel" really is from 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, then unpacked the story of Jesus' burial in John 19:38-42.

A few thoughts…

  • Setting the Stage — Our Weekend Service Team
    (WST) did it again.  They hit another home run with the big tomb and
    stone door on stage.  If you run into Doug Riede, make sure you give him a BIG thank you!
  • The Identification Truths — The only 2 times that the New Testament teaches us how we can apply the burial of Christ to our daily lives is in Romans 6 & Colossians 2.  Interestingly, they both teach how, the day we receive Christ as Savior, God counted us as having died with, buried with, and resurrected with Christ.  These are often called "The Identification Truths."
  • The Identification Truths (Pt.2) — If you want to dive further into these truths, check out these books:
  • What's In a Name? –I didn't have a chance to dive into this topic yesterday but it is WAY cool.  When you look at what Joe's & Nick's names mean, you find that the burial of Christ is God's way to "Add Victory" or "Let God Add Victory to the People."  (WOW!!!)
    • Joseph = "Add" or "He will add"
    • Nicodemus = "Victory" or "People's victory"
  • God-Sized Goals — We're praying & trusting God for some
    GOD-SIZED goals this Easter…

    • 4 — Adding a 4th service on Saturday night for Easter
    • 7 — Every person inviting 7 people to Grace
    • 1800 — Seeing 1800 people at Grace that weekend
    • 100 — Seeing 100 people come to Christ that weekend

See you next week as we talk about "The Resurrection of
Start praying now & inviting 7 people to worship with you!