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Pix - Walking-with-God A couple days ago, we talked about something that happens in everybody's walk with God – when we "Stumble".

I walked through John 11:1-16.  There's this GREAT breakout discussion that Jesus has with his apostles.  It's kind of hidden though…embedded into the larger story about Jesus raising his friend Lazarus from the dead.

My thoughts this week:

  • The Fishing Rod Fiasco — I kicked off the day with the story about what is (probably) my most embarassing moment on stage at Grace, years ago.  I'm just glad that, after my tackle box exploded on stage, that all the flying hooks and lures didn't skewer anyone on the first 3 rows.
  • The Big Gulp Story — Got great feedback on this one.  (It's amazing how much my stupidity can convict people!)  Had a bunch of people say their lives have TOTALLY been fixated on their Big Gulps.  (Thank Pastor Brian for telling me during the Sunday morning review at 6:30a to roll with the story.)
  • Big Gulp Stories — Here were some of the God moments I heard about this weekend:
    • One woman told me her WHOLE LIFE had been about obsessing over the Big Gulp.
    • One of our pastors told me a WILD story.  He had been praying for a friend (let's call him Joe) that had been experiencing some "drift" in his walk with God.  Made a few calls to him, reaching out.  Last Saturday, morning, this pastor has a freaky dream.  He dreamed that he was walking into church with someone beside him (he couldn't tell who) but that Joe's old discipler from a previous church was welcoming this person back with open arms.  At THAT VERY moment, Joe called the pastor and woke him up.  He said he was dreaming about this old discipler TOO…he dreamed that his discipler was "letting him have it" until he returned to Christ.  FREAKY!!!
  • I Wonder… — I am REALLY wondering what percentage of our church family is just "going thru the motions" instead of truly "walking with God."  What a NIGHTMARE!!!  What a WASTE!!!
  • Introducing Preston — The worship leader this week was Preston Morris.  He did an incredible job leading worship.  Pastor Ben's got himself a protege!  🙂

Next weekend, we'll hear about how to "Follow" God
in our walk.