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Yesterday, we kicked off our new weekend series called "Perspectives Exposure."  What a blast!

We are taking 5 weeks, to look at 5 different people, who had 5 different encounters with God, which helped them see life from a totally new "perspective"…God’s perspective.

Yesterday, we looked at a leader who had his world rocked by God when he started to look at life through the "lens" of the Bible:  King Josiah (2 Chronicles 33:21-34:33).  You can listen here or "Ipod" it here.

Here are some extras on yesterday’s topic:

  • I referenced the fact that Josiah had his "conversion experience" (2 Chronicles 34:3) when he was 16 after having his second son.  Here is how I found that:
    • Josiah lived to be 39 years old (2 Chronicles 34:1)
    • Jehoahaz, his youngest son, became king at 23 years old (2 Chronicles 36:1-2).  This means Josiah had him at 16 (39-23).
    • Jehoiakim, his oldest son, became king at 25 years old (2 Chronicles 36:4-5).  This means Josiah had him at 14 (39-25).
  • One thing we didn’t get to discuss was Josiah’s revival (2 Kings 23:16-18).  It was predicted years earlier (2 Kings 13).  A great story to dig into there.
  • I also mentioned there were some (many?) web sites that will email you a daily reading section.  Here are a couple examples (though I have to admit I haven’t tried any of them myself):

Here are some extras on the rest of the service.

  • I really enjoyed kicking off the service from the back row yesterday.  Totally different perspective.  I think we surprised some people.  (P.S. Why is it that people will pay top dollar to be in the front row at concerts & sporting events, but the back row is "where it’s at" in church?)  🙂
  • Our first service was packed out & I loved it because we’ve we’ve been asking people to love people enough to free up space in the second worship for new people.  But I wondered…were they there simply because they loved the Chiefs?  Regardless, since 2007-8 Chiefs look like they stinkblow chunks…are "uniquely disadvantaged" this year, it shouldn’t be a factor.
  • We purposely try to use different types of teaching styles each weekend series. Sometimes we go through a topic.  Sometimes we go through a book.  Sometimes we go through a series of stories, like now.  I LOVE going through the stories!
  • People_john_mccarter
    An old friend from high school showed up that I hadn’t seen in 20 years: John McCarter.  He found me through Facebook.  (Yup, I’ve got a Facebook account.)