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Yesterday was week #3 of our "Seasons" parenting series ("Guiding Kids through the Seasons of Life.")  The message is online here.

Our topic was "Biodome 2."  (Huh????)  We walked through the 6 needs that God designed into every child from 1 Thessalonians 2:4-12.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • A Sense of God — The message came together supernaturally quick this past week.  (Yea God!)
  • Series_07_seasons_biosphere_2
    Biodome 2
    — I wonder if I’m the only guy that’s used Biosphere 2 as the theme for their message?  I’m ALMOST POSITIVE I’m the only guy to relate it to parenting.  🙂
  • A Team Effort — Someone asked me in the Prospective Members Class yesterday if other people ever have input on my messages.  Absolutely.
    1. After we chose the topic, a team brainstormed on the whole series
    2. After I nailed down the individual weekly topics, another team brainstormed on that week’s topic
    3. After I drafted the actual message, I had a Friday morning review by the staff pastors
    4. After a couple more days of mulling over it, I had a final Sunday morning review by Pastor Brian Gann
  • Physical/Spiritual Connection — I keep making the point that God designed EVERYTHING physical to picture something spiritual.  That’s Romans 1:20.  For example, God designed physical children to picture spiritual children.  That’s 1 Thessalonians 2:11.
  • Best Parenting Book? — It’s Proverbs.
  • Book_danger_of_nice_kids
    Book I Referenced
    ? — "The Danger of Raising Nice Kids."  I reviewed it here.
  • You Talking to Me??? — With all due respect to Robert De Niro, I had several people ask me after service, "You talking to me?"  They asked, "Were you talking to me today in the message?"  Let me answer this unequivocally.  No!
  • Special Guest — My mom showed up for the second service today.  A special treat.  I got choked up a few times.  A longtime member caught me afterwards and called me a "softie."