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Yesterday, we crossed the halfway point of our weekend series called "Perspectives Exposure." 
5 weeks…5 people…5 encounters with God…5 new perspectives.

We looked at the story of a servant who got a front row seat to see God (1) in his life and (2) in someone else’s:  Elisha’s servant (2 Kings 6:8-23).  You can listen here or "Ipod" it here.

Here’s some thoughts from yesterday’s topic.

  • My prep:
    • Object_paper_wad_2
      As good as yesterday went, I had the HARDEST time preparing.  I’d studied out the passage the last few weeks.  But Thursday in my office, I sat, I prayed, I studied, I stared at blank sheets of paper, I prayed some more, I stared at my studies, I wrote things down, I wadded them up, I journaled, I prayed some more, I walked around the parking lot to clear my head…and I left the office frustrated.
    • I think God was trying to help me have joy in trial like a wrote about on Wednesday.  I think I need another chance!  🙂
  • Kudos:
    • I really sensed God was moving in people’s hearts today.  God’s presence can’t be manufactured or faked.  Thank you, God!
    • Kudos to the prayer teams!  Every Sat 7a & Sun during the services they lift us all up to God, for God to speak to us & us to respond.
    • I had a leader say God was speaking to him because they were like the servant this week:  only seeing the problems this week & not seeing that God was already working behind-the-scenes.
    • People_doug_howey_2
      Do we have an awesome video team at Grace?  Kudos to my cuz who (1) had the idea about using the "Matrix Ping Pong" clip and produced the whole "Blair Witch Project" camera work at the start.
  • Bonus info:
      • "The way" people are looking for is Jesus (John 14:6)
      • "The city" people are looking for is God’s city (Hebrews 11:10)
      • "The man" people are looking is Jesus, the king of Israel (John 12:13)
    • Perspectives_exposure_1040_window
      Here’s more info on the 10-40 Window.
  • Cool moments I had to cut?
    • Dothan, where Elisha was ambushed, was also where Joseph was ambushed by his brothers (Genesis 37:17-24).
    • Did you see what Israel ended up doing to their captives, the Syrian army?  They fed their enemies as Romans 12:19-21 says.  There is some SERIOUS power in inviting people who haven’t crossed the line of faith to dinner, as Jesus did (Matthew 9:10-12).
  • Final thot?
    • Series_07_life
      is coming in 3 weeks (Oct 14)
    • Write 5 names & PRAY God opens their eyes (2 Kings 6:20)
    • Then INVITE them to Oct 14 & see what God does!
    • Be sure to check out Emily’s blog.