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Alright.  Week #2 of our "Perspectives Exposure" series is a wrap (5 weeks…5 people…5 encounters with God…5 new perspectives…God’s perspective).

Yesterday, we looked at a prophet who had his world rocked by God
when he started to see the hand of the invisible God "behind the scenes" of history:  Daniel (Daniel 10).  You can listen here or "Ipod" it here.

Here’s some thoughts from yesterday’s topic.

  • I LOVE this series and LOVE what I’m hearing from people about how God is changing their hearts.
  • Baptisms_2
    I thought the 5 baptisms in the second worship service were great.  When people share their own stories, it is powerful!
  • How about all the people that got saved at the end of each service.  The response was great.  Took my breath away in the second service!
    • P.S. I try to switch up how I invite people to receive Christ to keep it fresh.
  • Check out what Ben said about the major outreach event we have planned for the Sunday after "Perspectives Exposure"!  Check out Emily’s blog too.
  • You have GOT to listen to the 1st 90 seconds of today’s "Perspectives Exposure" message here.  I’ve NEVER started a service that way before!  I guess people had their heads on swivels trying to find me.  🙂
  • I totally forgot to mention that history is "His-Story."  (Whoops!)
  • I mentioned there appear to be angelic representatives for a number of groups.  Here are the refs:
  • I said that the angels don’t fully "get it" (they aren’t omniscient).  That’s 1 Peter 1:12.
  • Art_alex_the_great_in_pompeii
    I mentioned that the conquests by Greece & Alexander the Great were predicted 200 years prior, by Daniel.  Check out Daniel 8:21, 11:1-4.
  • I want to give a shout out to our church prayer teams.  The REAL work is done thru prayer.  All the rest is just a "mop-up operation."  🙂
    • To all those connected via the electronic prayer line.  (Email the church if you want to get connected this way.)
    • To all those who pray on Saturdays from 7-8a
    • To all those who pray during each weekend service
  • I sense we are on the brink of some incredible things…clarity about our future…MAJOR inroads for the kingdom of God…some breakthroughs in our own community…
  • Did I say that I LOVE this series and LOVE how God is changing hearts?
  • Stanford_logo_1
    A very kind person gave me a couple of Stanford shirts.  Yea!
  • I’m hopeful Stanford is rising above the "Pac-10 Doormat" in football again.
  • MOVE TO FIRST SERVICE (50-75 of you, at least)!  L.E.T.G.U.E. ("Love Enough To Get Up Early")  🙂
  • Start praying about a third service.  (How soon should we start?  What day & time?  Extra volunteers & staffing.  Having our own church family move to that third service.  Etc.)  We’re not years away from that, if we want to keep reaching out to people.  (And if we don’t, what are we thinking!?!)  🙂