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Series 09 - BeyondHey guys!  Yesterday we kicked off a 6-week "Beyond" series through the books of Jonah & Nahum.

Our topic?  When you find yourself "Running from God."  (I know…I know…that NEVER happens to you…)  🙂

Some thots on yesterday:

  • Cutting Room Floor — Lots of stuff I couldn't get to this week:
    • On Jonah — He's 1 of 4 prophets Jesus directly referenced (Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, & Jonah).  His name means "dove" which is a symbol of peace & the Holy Spirit (neither of which he was displaying in chapter 1).  He lived in a transitional time, being an "oral prophet" (who simply spoke his prophecies) but living at the start of the "written prophets" (like Hosea & Amos, his contemporaries).
    • On NinevahNinevah was an ancient city, founded by Nimrod in Genesis 10:11.  iIt was a huge city, 2nd only in size to Babylon in its day.  It's ruins are located near modern day Mosul in northern Iraq.  The Assyrian Empire did eventually defeat the northern 10 tribes of Israel and drag them as captives back to northern Iraq.  That tragic story is in 2 Kings 17.
  • Sleeping on the Job — Jonah was sleeping off his depression/disobedience at the bottom of the boat in a storm in Jonah 1:5.  Interestingly, you can see Jesus sleeping in perfect faith/peace at the bottom of a boat in a storm in Mark 4:35-41.  Regardless, Jonah is a picture of God's people who sometimes can be asleep to (oblivious to) the sufferings of people around them (Romans 13:11-14).
  • Acts 1:8
    — Hmmm.  Don't want to forget this verse.  We're building our whole next year around it.  Love it.  Learn it.  Live it.

    • "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon
      you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem
      [BEYOND OURSELVES], and in all Judea
      and Samaria
      [BEYOND OUR COMMUNITY], and to the end of the earth [BEYOND BORDERS]." (Acts 1:8)
  • Video - Gods Chisel The Video — I had a BOATLOAD of people wanting to know where they could see the video again, how they could show it to their staff.  One man was going to show it to his fellow Board of Directors this week.  Here were people's questions:
    • How'd You Found It? — It was all Doug Riede.  (He 'da man!)  He shot us the link several months ago and we were waiting the for the perfect moment to use it in service.   I think God gave us the right time.
    • Who Made It? — A group called "The Skit Guys."  We bought the "God's Chisel" video from them.
    • Can I See It Again? — Sure.  I think you can can see the video on YouTube.  Or you can click on the video below.

This Wednesday we're off…no church activities.  Next Sunday morning, we talk about being "Cornered by God" from Jonah 1:6-17.