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Series 08 - Servolution Yesterday our weekend topic was "The Resistance of a Servolution" (i.e. a "Revolution of Service") from Exodus 3-4.  We talked about 5 different thoughts that Moses had (which WE can have too) which resisted God's call to become a servant (Matthew 20:25-28) and let God use him in ministry.

Here are a few "bonus" thots…

  • It's "Conga Time" — Here's a shout out to our band for going acoustic the last couple weeks (I liked it!) & Hector for banging away on the congas on Sunday.  (I called them "bongos" in the first service & people graciously corrected my terminology.)
  • New Weekend Volunteers — It's been awesome to meet some of the 100 new weekend volunteers we are praying for.  I was talking to Chase who started with the Ambassador ministry (i.e. meeting new people & offering to help them navigate the facility their first time).  WAY COOL!!
  • Our G3 Prayers
    — Would you take a moment right now & lift up these prayers for Grace?

    • That every person begins SERVING in ministry
    • That every person INVITES someone on the journey with them
    • That every person is TRANSFORMED more like Jesus
  • Becoming a Servant — Anybody got a story of how you've had the chance to live as a servant…doing those things that nobody else wants to do, or is willing to do?  What's it done for your heart?
  • Living the "Servolution" — I got this email today…AWESOME!!!
    • "I wanted to take a moment and share with you the radical change that has happened in my life since taking on a request from My Lord.  This year I was asked to [try out a ministry]…It had been a while since God had asked me to do something I felt so terrified, unqualified, and completely incapable of doing. It took two weeks of praying and still I had no answer. I was scared to do it for fear of what other people would think of me and I was scared to say no because something inside of me didn't find peace in that either. After some wise counsel I made the call and accepted the request. In that moment I found my peace. It is an illustration of the curiosity of the way our Lord works…Just like the message from this week I questioned His choice, my ability, and whether I was even sensible enough to do the job…There are no words to describe the deep feeling of contentment knowing I could be used that way…

Next weekend, we talk about the "The Time for a Servolution" from Luke 14:15-24.  You WON'T want to miss it!!!