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Pix - Rebuild_1024x768_logodates Yesterday, we wrapped up our "Rebuild" series, talking about how God deserves for us to view him with the appropriate level of AWE. We looked in on Isaiah visit to heaven (i.e. the "true temple," Isaiah 6:1-9) and saw how he responded with this unique mixture of brokenness and thankfulness.

Here's what people said:

  • I love this passage. These two lessons just cried out to me from the text:
    • "If you see who GOD really is, you see who YOU really are!"
    • "If you see what God really DID, you'll do what God really WANTS!"
  • Here's what people were saying:
    • Dave"Isaiah was privaleged to be in the presence of the Shekinah glory of the Lord as was Moses. We were privaleged to experience the presence of that Spirit Saturday night! Give thanks that the Lord is using his servant to change lives!"
    • Cynthie"I loved today when the microphone system was popping and cracking how it stopped after you called out the reason why and held the transmitter in your hand. Since I have been saved I have been made aware of spiritual warfare (getting attacked once) and I am all too familiar with the evil ones distractions. Anyway…good for you for just calling it out. Probably woke a few people up and taught a few other people a lesson…and it stopped him (yes, lower case 'h') from interfering with such an important message. Today's service was most excellent!!"
  • Check out Josh Canady's original song called Isaiah 6. It's AWESOME!

I know next weekend is Labor Day, but I would WHATEVER IT TAKES to join us next week as I kickoff our our "Know Prayer" series. Prayer is where the REAL work is done…where the big picture issues are SETTLED. Everything else is working out the details. If you want to look ahead, we'll be in John 17, listening in on "The (Real) Lord's Prayer." See you then!