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On Sunday, we experimented with something in our message called "Project Antioch" from Acts 11:19-30 & Acts 13:1-4.

For years, Grace Church has done periodic "Vision Updates." These are our all-church gathering times where we pick a Sunday night, walk through the vision of our church, & give everyone an update of where we’re at on the journey.

When we started 11.5 years ago, almost everyone attended.  But I think we outgrew that methodology.  (And I’m a firm believer that, if the horse is dead, it’s time to get off the horse!)  🙂

We decided to move "Vision Update #46" to Sunday morning (when everyone was there), teach our vision from the word of God (which is where it comes from anyway!), illustrate the message with updates about the health of our church, and offer a time for church questions at the start of our Wednesday Night Q&A Bible Study (we used to field questions right then on Sunday night).

Anyyway, I received some very positive feedback from people.  Here are some other thots from Sunday:

  • I LOVE bragging on God — talking about what the amazing things HE has done over the years — things that are unexplainable outside of HIM!!!
  • I get choked up talking about the Indian Creek Trail / Indian Valley Elementary story, every time.
  • A member of our WST asked me for the reference again to Luke 12:48 ("…to whom much is given, from him much will be required…").  He called it the Spiderman verse ("With great power comes great responsibility.")
  • Here’s 1 of the follow-up comments posted on my Facebook page (a HUGE encouragement!):
    • "Tim, wanted to take just a second to say thanks. Grace has been one of
      the greatest blessings we have experienced in Kansas City. Vision is a
      real buzz-word nowadays, but thanks for fleshing it out from Scripture
      and communicating it to the people. Also wanted to let you know how
      real and refreshing Sundays are at Grace. Thanks to you and all the
      staff for letting God work through you!"