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Series 09 - Parent Traps Well we wrapped up our parenting series a couple days ago.  A special "Thank you" to all who sent in questions.  We landed on talking about these 5 questions:

  • Can you suggest a good, Biblical reference book on parenting?
  • How do you do a "Family Devotion Time?"
  • How do you give "the birds & the bees talk" to your kids?
  • What if you & your spouse aren't on the same page?
  • What final thought would you leave with parents?

This was a pretty practical week.  I probably gave more detailed examples for parents than ever.  Hopefully there will be some great family devotion times & birds-and-bees talks happen, helping to put kids on the right track.

I also got some great parenting stories from people but didn't have time to share them all.  Here are a couple:

  • "We have always tried to teach our daughter…(now 6) that when she did something wrong, or disobedient, she was
    hurting mom, dad and God.  It really hit home one day after she had done
    something wrong, we talked about what she did wrong and asked her what she
    needs to do about it.  Well she got big ole crocodile tears and she said
    “sorry mom, sorry dad” and we said “who else do you need to apologize
    too?”   to that she got a reallll seriously look on her face and
    dropped her head, and pointed straight up to Heaven as she said quietly “I’m
    sorry God.”  She felt much better after that."
  • "I have truly felt that this parenting series has redirected
    my prayer life to devote time praying directly for my children in ways I have
    not for quite some time.  I returned to praying for their future wives,
    praying for their influence in the world around them and that God would use
    them mightily for Him. And really praying that I would allow God to slow down
    my responses so that I could reach their heart when redirecting their
    attitudes.  One day last week my oldest…was stressing…Unlike the past month when I
    opened my mouth to share about how Jesus would handle the situation, he sat and
    really listened and didn't cut me off from "lecturing."  He got
    out of the car when we got to the curb at school and smiled and said "I
    love you, Mom."  I was so filled with joy and reminded that God
    wants me to remember that I can pray to HIM, as well, about details of wanting
    to make these connections with my children and asking Him to prepare their
    hearts and minds to receive it."

Don't forget that tomorrow night (Wednesday) we're closing out the parenting series with "Understanding the Age of Accountability."  Then Sunday, we kick off a new series called "Beyond," talking about the "Antiochan Vision" God has given us for Grace Church (from Acts 11-15).