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Series 09 - Average JoeWow.  I can't believe we're almost done walking through the life of Joseph together.  1 week to go.

Yesterday we dove into a topic that's on EVERYONE'S heart these days…something people ask me about ALL the time: "Tell me more about 'Goshen', Tim!"  🙂

Actually, we called yesterday's topic "Our Very Best Days."  We saw how Goshen — this fertile area on the northeastern side of the Nile River Delta — was far more than just the place Israel emigrated to during a famine.  Goshen foreshadowed OUR relationship with Jesus — that place where we "draw near" to Jesus in our hearts ("Goshen" literally means "drawing near").

Here are a few "thots"…

  • Revelation Song — This was the song right before I spoke.  I do love Revelation Song.  Our band does an INCREDIBLE job with it!  But every time Ben schedules it, I break out into the most ridiculous made-up version of this song.  It's sounds like some horrible camp-song gone bad.  (And every time Ben schedules Sing Sing Sing, I break out into Yoko Ono's horrible song Kiss Kiss Kiss…replacing the lyrics with "Sing Sing Sing.")
  • The Threat — The staff keeps threatening to record the audio or video of me breaking out into these horrible songs in the office, but they haven't caught me yet.  Too few and far between.  🙂
  • Cutting Room Floor — A good chunk of my study on "Goshen" this week had to hit the "cutting room floor." I only referenced about 1/3 of the verses "Goshen" is mentioned.  But if anyone wants to read through the other references to "Goshen" & take their best guess as to their meanings, I'll shed some extra light on it in the comment section of this blog.
  • Multiplied…not Added — My friend Dave pointed out to me after 3rd service that Israel "grew and MULTIPLIED" in Goshen…NOT "ADDED."  He's absolutely right.  God wants you to "multiply"…not "add."
    • When you "ADD", you're the only one reproducing.  When you "MULTIPLY", your spiritual children reproduce.
    • When you "ADD", you're limited to what you can do.  When you "MULTIPLY", you open it up to what everyone can do.
    • When you "ADD", you experience growth.  When you "MULTIPLY", you experience exponential growth.
    • When you "ADD", your impact ends with your lifetime.  When you "MULTIPLY", your impact goes on long after your lifetime.
  • Pray for Chris & Mauritania — I mentioned the story of Chris Leggett's murder & burial.  Be praying for his wife, kids, and for protection for people of faith in Mauritania.
  • What's in a Name? — As I was speaking, I tried to think of the female version of the name "Paul."  The best I could come up with on the fly was "Paulette."  (Who names their child "Paulette", anyway???)  Anyway, after 3rd service, Addy says to me, "What about the name Paula?  Or Pauline?"  (Doh!)

Next week, we'll look at "How to Deal with Deep & Painful Wounds."  There's no better person to study this topic than Joseph.  You've GOT to check out Genesis 50, then 45, then 41 before next weekend.  It is UNBELIEVABLE what God can do in our hearts…to COMPLETELY free us from our deepest, most painful wounds.