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Pix - Perfect 10 Handout Yesterday, we wrapped up "The Perfect 10" series.  We took a look at the last six of the Ten Commandments in Deuteronomy 5:16-21.  I wanted to shoot everyone a few notes about the morning:

  • It Was Ladies Night Morning! — Nice to have the ladies lead us in worship. Their voices were like butter. And Jen ended the service giving everyone an update on how we're serving K's here & around the world.
  • Pink is Ben's Color? — Not sure if he did it all services, but I heard Jim mention at least once that Ben's favorite color is pink. Must be his commitment to Ladies Morning. 🙂
  • King of Kings Thieves — I heard that morning that one of our girls sings "Jesus is King of THIEVES" instead of "King of KINGS." I guess he is that too.
  • Thou Shalt Not Covet My Cat — Go ahead & covet our calico cat. In fact, take her. She's a bad kitty. (Just don't tell my wife.) 🙂
  • Sign Language — In one of the service (I think 9:30a?) I saw a couple people signing to each other during the message. Way cool. I didn't have the chance to get back to meet them & learn more about them. Hopefully next week.
  • Several Including an Entire Family — I had several people recognize in each service that they received Christ as Savior. In fact, in one Service we had an entire family do so. Several of them gave me their names on the Connect Card so I'll be following up with a letter of encouragement. Fan-tastic!

Next weekend, is the 1st Quarter ANNIVERSARY of  We're calling it simply "Word" from Psalm 119. Get there EARLY!! "Why?" you ask:

  1. FOOD — We're service breakfast food before all 3 services
  2. FUN — We're holding a special give-away in all 3 services
  3. FREEDOM — We're pressing a massive "reboot" button for everyone