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Pix - Enemy Within Web Yesterday, we continued our "Enemy Within" series with a week on "Negativity."

I thought it was my worst message ever.  (Ok…that was a bad joke about "Negativity."  My wife is finished with me telling those jokes over the last week.)

Here are some web bonus thoughts from the topic:

  • I had a different experience studying this week.  I couldn't find one particular passage that was the "full mention" on the topic.  But I found tons of passages that referred to it.
  • Thursday morning, I had 16 pages of study notes, but no message.  Then I read Ecclesiastes in my daily reading.  Wow!  Solomon was some negative dude.  You've GOT to read thru that book in one sitting & marvel at his pessimism…and how he recovers at the end.
  • I loved the clip of Debbie Downer.  🙂
  • Here's some cutting-room floor material on negativity:
  • I totally forgot to copy my PowerPoint file over to our FTP site for our video team.  I was stressing poor Adrian out.  (Sorry Adrian!)  But Pastor Jim is the man…while I was doing announcements on stage, he headed into my office, located the file on my PC, copied the file to his thumb-drive, & and saved the day.  (Thanks Jim!)
  • It was interesting that right before I walked on stage, someone caught me & spewed some SERIOUS negativity all over me.  (Come to think of it, I've never really heard this person make a positive, encouraging statement about anything to me.)  Hope God spoke to their heart!
  • After services, I was told about 2 people who listen to our message podcasts all the time.  1 person in Vermont has listened to the last 2 years of messages over the last few weeks, & 1 person in Texas heard a friend was moving to Overland Park & said, "You've GOT to visit Grace Church when you move there."  So cool!
  • You 1st-Service-Attenders are still my heroes!  (And we're trusting God will move another 50 people from 2nd Service to 1st, to free up that "prime real estate" for visitors this fall.)

Next week, let's take on a 5th "enemy within" us (& final one in our series)…"Bitterness (the struggle to forgive)."