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Yesterday we kicked off "N-UFF" personal finance series.  The message is online here.

Our topic was "N-UFF Lies," based on the thought that we are inundated with messages every day which tell us, "Unless you have ______, you will never be satisfied/successful/etc."

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Animal_gecko
    History’s First Commercial
    — I loved this example from Genesis 3:1-6.  Marketing is good when is provides info; bad when it lies to us.  The devil was the perfect "evil-marketer":

    1. Identified his target audience (Adam & Eve)
    2. Created discontent where there was none (In the garden)
    3. Offered a lie which "fixed it" (You will be as God)
    4. Used an "animal spokesman" form (a snake)
  • Special Thanks — I want to give thanks to our pastoral team who, each week, help me brainstorm on our weekend topics.  Special thanks to Pastor Tom for his creativity & passion for freeing people’s hearts financially.
  • Missions_nicole_nance_wrachel_jessi
    Nicole Nance
    — It was a joy to hear from one of our own members on break from ministry with the Navigators at the University of Maryland.  Nice to meet her parents too!  Keep praying for her outreach to college students. (Nicole is on the right.)
  • Watching My Back — I’ve got a great team around me which watches my back for stuff (e.g. spinach in my teeth).  Ben gave a heads-up after first service that it was a miracle I could still see through my glasses with all the dust & smudges.  He was right.  🙂
  • Book_financial_peace_u
    Financial Peace University
    — It’s not too late to
    register for Dave Ramsey’s FPU course which we are starting this Sunday
    night at 5:00p.  For more info or to register, go here.
  • Reversing the Trend — You know, my second service messages used to be longer than the first.  Now I speak shorter the second time.  Marie, one of our stage directors, told me I must have gone to SPU — "Speaker’s Peace University."  🙂